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The Royal Air Force 

My Royal Airforce career spanned 5 years, from August 1959 to August 1964.  During this time I served in the UK, Northern Ireland, Singapore, The Maldives, and back to UK again, to the West Country.  All the time working on the Air Radar of the AV Roe Shackleton (Mk. 1, 2 and 3.)

I wrote a lot of letters to my mother during the Air Force years and these are the basis of what follows. There are a few useful links to Shackleton and other sites, at the end.  If you would like any of the Photos you are welcome to download the small files here, or get higher resolution ones and I suggest you email any enquiries.

Now. (August 2003.) Dear Mum, This book is dedicated to you, who picked me up, wiped my nose and bottom and dragged me single-handedly, screaming through childhood and launched me into the Royal Air Force and adult life.

I am not unhappy with myself and a lot of what I am has come from you. Sorry I did not write more often, I know you like to get my letters (and there would have been more original matter for this book, had I done so). Thanks for keeping all the letters that I did write.

Dear Mum - An Autobiography:










RAF Gan Revisited:

During the 5 years, in the Royal Air Force, the place that probably impressed me most, - or perhaps where I was happiest was RAF Gan.  There is something about the place and the morale was excellent.  In 1996 I took my wife there, to show her where I had lived and worked , so many years before.


Here is a picture of my wife Maribel, standing on the Gan - Fedu causeway on a windy day in 1996, with RAF Gan in the background, when we last visited Gan in the Maldives. This is where I spent nearly a year in the sixties during my time in the Royal Air Force. It was lovely to go back.

Here is an account of how my wife and I found Gan in 1996 when we went for a holiday.


Go To Gan1996


I have lots (and lots) of pictures of Gan but it all takes time. I have about 100 taken in the 60s and another 30 or 40 taken when we went back on holiday.  I will get round to it - I promise.   Watch this space!  George.

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