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I am 6 feet 4 inches tall, that's 193 cm. and about 86 kilos, 190 pounds. 

A well preserved, (pickled?) fairly fit guy with most of my teeth,

most of my hair, - you can't see the thin bit at the back!) and I like my life. 

I have a lovely family and we enjoy what we do. I like to remember

the past though, as that was pretty good too, as will be the future.

That's why I tend to write things down, As I write it down it will go here,

it's as good a place as any. I do have a backup.

I have started to load my 5 years worth of Royal Air Force Experience,

which is called "Dear Mum" because it is based on all the letters I wrote

to my Mother, during that time, from 1959 to 1964. (I was a very good

boy, - most of the time and I still visit her every 2 weeks or so). It is like a

diary and she always kept my letters, - I am glad to say!  

It is also going to be downloadable in an ebook form with small pictures

or available as a CD with all pictures in their original large size. 

(I haven't figured out how to do that yet). During the 5 years I served in

Singapore and Gan in the Maldives, plus I had many exciting visits to

other places like Nassau and The US.

After the RAF I came out to the Gulf, As an Engineer looking after Decca Navigator Ground Transmitter Stations, - that was in 1964 and spent some time in Iran before coming to the United Arab Emirates, - sorry, Trucial States, in 1965. I took a lot of photos and these will be shown on the site and large prints, some of which are superb, will be on sale. (of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, etc. before Sheikh Zaid became Ruler in 1966 and before the Federation was launched in 1971).  I did a few interesting things, like driving out from UK (twice) in the 70's -before there were roads all the way! 

After spending so long, - over half my life, in the UAE, we went to live in Fujairah. It was a complete change from Abu Dhabi and we loved the mountains and Wadis and the peace and quiet of it. Now we have left. I do miss a lot of things about it.

Where we live now is a little village, a bit to the top right of Norwich, in Norfolk UK. However my heart is in Rackheath a couple of miles away because that is where I have a bit of land, some sheds and where we hope to live again before too long. I am very interested in the parish which is divided into two parts. Old Rackheath where - I come from and New Rackheath where there is a growing housing estate and a larger community.  It is also the location of a District Council proposed Eco Town, which, everyone fears may turn out to be a glorified Council Estate, which will be filled with newcomers to the area and which will destroy forever the rural area in which we now live, not to mention 300 acres of prime farmland and the site of an old wartime US bomber base from the second World War. The Council also want to build a Northern Distributor Road,  ( The NDR)  This was supposed to be a Northern bypass for Norwich, like the A47 which now bypasses the South side of the City. There is almost universal disapproval of the development.

My Tilapia experiment was on-going. I persuaded the Marine Research Centre in Umm Al Quwain, North East of the United Arab Emirates, that I was a deserving case and a few months later they gave me a number of breeding age, Tilapia fish. These, as many of you will know are a tropical utility fish, highly favoured in the Far East also called the Nile Perch. For me it is not big enough and is full of bones, but it is very forgiving and my wife and all her friends from the Philippines like them. They were not available fresh there (except from me!) 

They started to breed OK, before it got hot and I had two tanks, one with the original adults and another with about 100 juveniles These are about 4 or 5 inches long now (August 18th 2003) and I hope to give out helpful tips from what I have found and hopefully get advice from those who know more than I, - this covers just about everyone who has had anything at all to do with them!  I may even start to sell them, but it is basically to learn more about rearing them , so we can do it in UK, - one day!   Update 2005. We ate them all when we left!

Another long term interest is the restoration of old engines and I have a stack of useless information about them, plus pictures and stories about ones that I have rescued. I like cars, boats, trains and motorbikes, anything mechanical. I like Chicken Curry and Bicol Express, Durians and nuts. I like Kylie Minogue, - who doesn't. I would like feedback from those of similar interests. there must be a few about. 

If you, - like so many of us are having trouble paying your utility bills and would like to save a lot on them, take a look at this website, it is saving me a lot, but is only open to those resident in UK and owning their own property.  Not only can you save money, there is a way to make a bit on the side too.   

Best wishes, George. 



























Maribel, (Belle)  Maria and Alexander (Zander). Oh - and me, crawling about on a waterfall in the rugged hills outside Fujairah.


There has been an update 02-12-11. on the WW2 Polish Maps!

I have added a bit of breaking news.

      Regards George


The Family

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