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For Sale:

Breaks my heart, really, but I cannot enjoy it, like I used to.

1970 350. cu. in. LHD. Corvette Stingray, owned by me for about 30-40 years never restored and now I can hardly get in and out of it, because of arthritis. Not immaculate but was registered two years ago and has been in my dry farm building for most of it's life, I imported it to the UK in 1980. something. Comprehensive insurance for it - for £10,000. costs me only about £120 a year and there is no road tax, as it is classed as a Historic Vehicle. but as it a pretty rare one and has a hard top and a fancy number plate, I would definitely haggle. It is certainly never immaculate, but could be, with a fair amount of time and money.


I also have a couple of 30 HP. 3 phase, 22kva electric motors and a 400 Hz. 3 phase alternator 415 volts AC. Too good to scrap, but with the high price of copper I am tempted, - they are very heavy! 

(This is yet to be updated)

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