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Old Polish WW II maps, found in a rubbish dump

Many years ago, just after the end of the second World War, I used to go to our local rubbish dump to shoot at bottles with my catapult.  One day I found a sheaf of maps showing Poland round Warsaw. They showed – what looks like troop movements and had the names of many high-ranking officers on them.


I took them home, thinking that I would show them to someone who knew Polish and who could suggest what it was that they signified, but I never met anyone.


While emptying some boxes recently and found them again. They are quite good quality and there are 1 to 9 but with 3 missing.  I have scanned the first 4 quarters of the first map and I display them here in the hope that someone can cast some light on them.


5-April 2007. These maps have aroused quite a lot of attention plus a few learned comments.  I have had them scanned at a higher resolution, - and one scan per sheet, which makes life easier.  I shall up-load the first map when I get time plus the titles of the following ones. I have already put the copies on a CD for possible sale.


Links to this website were kindly posted on the Wikipedia Polish Invasion section, various other links and comments can be found here:

Here are the four scanned sections of Map 1 (with some overlap).







































If you want to see higher resolution images, as some of the details are not clear, you can let me know.


That's the first map, the others are of the same area but have different details. The German Army sweeps across from the West and the Polish are overrun by the last map (No. 9.)   General Rommel with an acute accent over the o is not an error. He was a commander of two Polish armies during the Polish Defensive War of 1939, ... He was also a distant relative of the future German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. who also fought in the invasion.

2-12-11.  I can be heard in an interview on BBC Norfolk talking about these maps recently. 


Anyone who could read the notes etc, would be able to describe the entire campaign from the Polish perspective. If these maps have not been available before, it may well be that the only commentary previously has been from the German point of view. 

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