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Fixing a Fragmentiser at Mafraq

About 50 years ago I was sitting in my office reading the Khalij Times and a couple of English men came in and asked if I was George Bell. I had to admit that that was my name, they said that they had asked around in Abu Dhabi for someone who might be able to have a look at a large piece of machinery that they had brought out from UK and installed in Mafraq, which was the Industrial area of Abu Dhabi in those days. they had a contract to install this to convert a growing area of scrap and abandoned vehicles owned by the A/D Municipality.

They were from a UK-based firm, it was a bit surprising that they had managed to secure a contract in the UAE, the fragmentiser had been installed over a few acres, but when they tried to switch it all on it did not work. I said that's very interesting so what has this to do with me? They were obviously a bit embarrassed and said that they could not get it to go and queries around the town had revealed that several people had suggested that I would be able to help them.

I agreed to help them fix their fragmentiser and took a narrated video of it in operation afterwards (which you can see at the bottom of this page, it is also on my YouTube channel which you can find here). It took me 10 afternoons to fix it, the fragmentiser itself had a good manual which I read during lunch break when I was working as the resident ICL, (International Computers Ltd.) engineer seconded to the Offshore Oil Company - ADMA (Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Ltd.). I was able to fix it thanks to my previous experience working with voltages with the Decca Navigator Company. They didn’t pay me for my efforts but I was allowed to take whatever I wanted from the scrapyard, and I did, some of which like the air compressors (from Bedford Lorries, which are very reliable) and I still have 6 in my workshop.  

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